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John Oliver discusses the disturbing policy that separated migrant families detained at our southern border, and the disturbingly real chance that it could happen again.
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mike oren
mike oren Vor 12 Stunden
I thought we shoved most of these British snobs out eons ago with bayonets up their asses. Evidently we missed this obnoxious prick. You would be of use yammering in Britain. You could help with the Brexit with your pompous yap flapping across the pond. Stay where you belong if you don't want your kids in US custody. They complain about being separated from your kids. Your kids are your responsibility, you dump them on US we'll do as we please. You don't like it? Take a hike. Pay for your own Big Macs.
Windows Sucks
Windows Sucks Vor 12 Stunden
Kirstjen Nielsen.That Nazi Aryan bitch.I bet she gets too excited and masturbates every time she sees that J in her name.
Three West
Three West Vor 13 Stunden
Funny thing is that the mother of my child and my X are white and they wanted me shit they still do ,not at the sametime unfortunately, but I haven't gave up hope América is the land where dreams come true after all 😂🤣🤣🤣
anthony gill
anthony gill Vor 13 Stunden
We didn't do anything. Why don't they just stay in Mexico? What the hell is this immigrant jackass talking about? Blaming Trump because these people don't want to follow the rules or obey our laws. I support Trump more than ever. The boy crying...hilarious. she had no business coming here illegally, got her dumbass arrested, now somehow it's Trump's fault. The little boy crying is a setup. They need to stop feeding that rolly-polly kid. He looks like a twin that ate the other one. John Oliver - go have chips and tea with your ugly ass queen! He's only here for the dental care.
Luis Gutierrez
Luis Gutierrez Vor 15 Stunden
man watching that video about the kid saying all those things to the mom or the step mom almost made me cried
Bill d
Bill d Vor 15 Stunden
Still don't understand how a person who commits such a serious crime expects to take their children to jail with them. Where is that done?
Rohan Kumar
Rohan Kumar Vor 15 Stunden
John, you should make one episode for H-1B visa holders and the impact of their personal life. That would be interesting.
Patrick Booth
Patrick Booth Vor 16 Stunden
Family separations were done for 8 years under Obama. Literally ZERO people cared. Also if you are going to commit a crime, such as entering the country illegally with an infant, that’s shitty decision making.
devon lovett
devon lovett Vor 17 Stunden
Honestly I genuinely think every person who voted for that policy should have there children stripped from them for a few months see how they like it. That would wake there racist asses up
Bonnie Robinson
Bonnie Robinson Vor 17 Stunden
America looks heartless. Shameful. Trump should answer to this immediately.
Tacitus1990 Vor 17 Stunden
It is so disgusting that these policies were supported by politicians who claim to be adhering to Christian values.
OppressiveStraightWhiteMaleChristian Vor 18 Stunden
Just think, if these people cared about keeping their family together, all they had to do was not cross boarders illegally.
harry twatter
harry twatter Vor 18 Stunden
Your garbage fucking kids doesn’t mean it’s ok to break the law. Stay the fuck out. A family that stays together dies together.
Herr KartoffelKoph
Herr KartoffelKoph Vor 18 Stunden
If they didn't cross ILLEGALLY, they wouldn't be seperated. Simple
Toby sultan-Othman
Toby sultan-Othman Vor 19 Stunden
Trump should be jailed forever
Toby sultan-Othman
Toby sultan-Othman Vor 19 Stunden
America lost the right to call its self the leader of the free world by electing trump
Toby sultan-Othman
Toby sultan-Othman Vor 16 Stunden
007kingifrit you have the largest debt in the world. Russia elected your president ... All other nations are wealthier in resources. Your days are numbered
007kingifrit Vor 18 Stunden
too bad its our money and power that makes us leaders, not your opinions
jack davis
jack davis Vor 19 Stunden
Donald trump is literally the most fucking evil man I have ever known to exist. He hates anyone of color and thinks of them as inferior to white people. Literally we need to start fucking up these pieces of shit.
Boris The Soviet Love-Hammer
Boris The Soviet Love-Hammer Vor 20 Stunden
"I find that [allegation of leveraging kidnapping children to discourage undocumented immigrants] offensive." Bitch, who cares about your feelings right now? Sarah Sanders does the same shit. Lets not talk about my lies and how our policies are affecting the globe. Lets talk about how my personal feelings are hurt when you don't take me at my word that everything is perfect and president god-king is infallible.
EastofEden Vor 20 Stunden
wait... The bad person was from New Jersey and not from Texas or Georgia???? Can we find another tape? We need people from the south to look like ignorant @ssholes so we can then mock their accent and laugh at how much better we are on the coasts
Minnie Mouse Rapes
Minnie Mouse Rapes Vor 20 Stunden
This is what happens when you break the law in another risk being separated from your kids. I am an American living in SE Asia. I would NEVER FUCKING DARE overstay a visa and endanger my ability to care for my kids. You people are SHITTY FUCKING PARENTS...and apologist scum like John Oliver should just fucking die.
Minnie Mouse Rapes
Minnie Mouse Rapes Vor 20 Stunden
John are a fucking shill. Just die.
EastofEden Vor 20 Stunden
@ 9:50 -- John Oliver actually nails the bias of the left. No matter what Trump says (or for that matter what any Republican says) the latte hipster crowd is going to call foul.
leprechaunluck24 Vor 20 Stunden
Jesus this was hard to watch.
Keith Thorne
Keith Thorne Vor 20 Stunden
The on,y dangerous criminals I see is Trump and his Cabinet
007kingifrit Vor 19 Stunden
except none of them are breaking the law......
Steven Banks
Steven Banks Vor 20 Stunden
There is a cold war in this country right now and its horrific.
Theo Milstein
Theo Milstein Vor 21 Stunde
"Ya no soy tu hijo." should be the next "I can't breathe."
jake bauer
jake bauer Vor 21 Stunde
Ned B
Ned B Vor 22 Stunden
Good propaganda, just like Trump himself. He bases his whole argument on emotions while the administration's view is cold. Welcome to the extremes in the US of A. Open borders vs deterrence.
nick piludu
nick piludu Vor 22 Stunden
I honestly think that Trump supporter does not know why these people are seeking Asylum. Most are seeking Asylum because of the wars going on in their countries mostly because of the United States failed Regime Change in their country. I wonder what these people will say when they are seeking asylum when America collapses?
Tacomatic Vor 23 Stunden
Remember all those alternative history novels about the Nazis winning WWII? Feeling a bit too real now, aren't they? History will remember Donald Trump as the 21st century's Adolf Hitler.
007kingifrit Vor 19 Stunden it wont and no he isn't all he did was separate criminals from children in compliance with a 2016 court order that obama also complied with
BETMARKonTube Vor Tag
May I also be *cinic* for a second? It doesn't matter how bad your life is, if you chose to run away into a country were people put someone like *Trump* in charge… you had it coming. I would never chose to live in America… if the alternative is death, well, at least I'll die with my family and not because of a clown with the power to ruin thousands of lives.
Digvijay Singh
Digvijay Singh Vor Tag
And the fun fact is almost everyone in USA is a fucking immigrant .....Someone did it centuries ago and some are doing it now.....denying this is just like kicking the ladder away when you have already climbed and others are in process of doing it...
Luis Antonio Hernández Dauajare
Luis Antonio Hernández Dauajare Vor Tag
Some Republicans justified this with the Bible. But is also says "The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'" (Matthew 24:40)
Carrina Murphy
Carrina Murphy Vor Tag
Childhood subconscious trauma ripped open
Jordan Stevenson
Jordan Stevenson Vor Tag
Unpopular opinion: it’s not the governments fault that that boy was separated from his mom . His mom definitely knew this is something that could happen if she tried to cross the border illegally. “We” didn’t do that. “She” did . That’s like saying the government is responsible for the separation of the hundreds of thousands of kids that grow up without parents who were convicted of crimes . Is it the governments fault?
sonand sanford
sonand sanford Vor Tag
There are cruel evil people in the US and you know who they are. Whether you're believers or not, someone's got to pay for these evil deeds. A Country found on Christian values has flipped.
Danni Kaysen
Danni Kaysen Vor Tag
Greatest country on earth. haha my ass, USA is a fucking shit show.
The Hitomiboy
The Hitomiboy Vor Tag
Oh god, there are so many falsehoods here. A few legitimate fuck ups. But meanwhile the rest of the claims are completely bonkers. Also trying to lie and say that this isn't a result of liberal laws and policies. Thats just facts.
The Hitomiboy
The Hitomiboy Vor Tag
+AA610 Sure. For instance, he claims that asylum seekers are being arbitrarily made to wait OR being denied. But this is generally false. The reason it takes so long is these illegal immigrants come across the border, they get caught, and claim asylum to avoid deportation. These fake cases clog up the system so that those who really NEED asylum get delayed. He also says some people are being deported without their kids; but that's at their own personal choosing, oh and we generally don't know if it's their kids. For instance, a coyote brings the kid across the border, gets caught, and opts to get deported, knowing the kid will be kept and be delivered by the US to the target family member. The criminal gangs know this and are using it to their advantage.
AA610 Vor Tag
Can you be bothered to cite a specific example?
Sinister Puppy
Sinister Puppy Vor Tag
I still don't understand how we keep saying this isn't who we are. America as a country has always been assholes to immigrants. Murdered the locals, stoned the Irish turned away the Jews. American values my ass. We don't have any. Quit being delusional.
Bla Keks
Bla Keks Vor Tag
There should be a change of the president choice for him to be fired
Nini Vor Tag
It was maybe "only" one month but I remember, when I was eight (so two years older even), I went to my grandparents for a week. After two or three days, I got so so homesick that I cried at night. I loved my grandparents a lot and I had so much fun with them but still I missed my parents so fucking much. So now imagine what a whole month in a completely strange environment with no love surrounding them can do to a child.
Polo King For Life
Polo King For Life Vor Tag
Dotard will burn in hell for this bullshit! So will his racist dumb fuck repubs, rednecks at rallies, the kkklowns, white supremacist and the goddamn nazis! They will all burn the fuck in hell! Lucifer even has a special place for dotard... RIGHT NEXT TO FUCKING HITLER AND PUTIN!! This country has shown how stupid and racist they really are when they are accepting of a fucking white Male terrorists that's killing kids in schools over a Hispanic family needing asylum! Fuck trumpus and his racist dumb pieces of spineless bastards roaming the white house!
pitiful anonymous
pitiful anonymous Vor Tag
Why can't they fix there country?The U.S. give them $127,408,601
Theqb 123
Theqb 123 Vor Tag
If they don't want to be separated then they can enter legally
Libertatem Vor Tag
White Inbreds need a taste of their own medicine.....
Libertatem Vor Tag
So much for calling themselves Christian... 🤦‍♂️
Ryan Adam
Ryan Adam Vor Tag
Dont come here illegally, and your kids wont be taken away. How hard is this concept to grasp?
AA610 Vor 15 Stunden
Same excuse every other regime gives for its various human rights abuses...
007kingifrit Vor 19 Stunden
+AA610 actually we can't because the kids are being used to get in. your emotions are not suited for the complexities of policy
AA610 Vor Tag
You can have a policy of tightening border security without having to throw kids in cages. How hard is that concept to grasp?
Jorrit Smit
Jorrit Smit Vor Tag
And still the republicans retained the majority in the senate..
Jorrit Smit
Jorrit Smit Vor Tag
This is a crime of the highest order
007kingifrit Vor 19 Stunden
its literally not illegal in any way, they entered our country illegally
perakole Vor Tag
In Israel, the right wing government is using the therm "infiltrators" for people from Sudan fleeing genocide.
Björn Verheijden
Björn Verheijden Vor Tag
Trumps wet dream is the Iron curtain. Mine fields, barb wire and shooting zones at a border to stop immigration (that was at least the reason the East Germans gave for that nice piece of infra-structure they put up).
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