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It's been a while since I've done one of these on this channel ;)
THUMBS UP!! 👍🏼💕 What is your favorite clothing store?
oh! &... I LAAV YOU
(Seriously sry for the handwriting in advance)

If you're new here....
Haiiiiii, I'm Bethany Mota!
In todays video I did a Summer Try On Haul!
Check out the rest of my videos to see diys, skits, fashion, challenges,
lifestyle, and just a little bit of weirdness.

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Maggie Ezzell
Maggie Ezzell Vor 22 Tage
My last text was “heyyyyyyy girllllllllllll heyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏” and then I said “ I don’t know what that was 😂😂😂😂”
Nathan Nordine
Nathan Nordine Vor 2 Monate
Sry Gtg ttyl
Nina Vor 2 Monate
my last text “yup”
Michelle Glanville
Michelle Glanville Vor 2 Monate
love you
Ninoska Enriquez
Ninoska Enriquez Vor 3 Monate
I'm so excited for this year
Kiki the Freaky
Kiki the Freaky Vor 3 Monate
The last text i sent was "That's me every morning when its time for school. (My friend said her mom woke her up then she started crying lmao)
Anna Erickson
Anna Erickson Vor 3 Monate
My last text was to my mom and I said “ok”
Sheyana Lingeswaran
Sheyana Lingeswaran Vor 3 Monate
My last text was " bye I am going to the doctor" and here I am watching DEwomen videos...
Makena St-Jean
Makena St-Jean Vor 4 Monate
Edwin Tirado
Edwin Tirado Vor 4 Monate
With summer right around the corner, you need to start creating your outfits! What about these beautiful shorts? Get yours on . #clothing #loveforfashion #tops #dresses #fashionposts #brand #stylish #looks #fashionstatement #fashionweek #ukelele #fashionforeveryone #fabrics #sale #weekend #haul #usa🇺🇸 #frenchfashion #allahu #akbar #boxing #is #my #life #training #murtazaliev #nokhcho #jackpot #hbo
brandi campanalie
brandi campanalie Vor 5 Monate
What's the link to the store, for the flower dress? By the way I love your videos so much. I've watched you from the beginning. Fun fact were the same age. 💜 luv you girl
Selina Selina
Selina Selina Vor 5 Monate
My last text was to my BFF and it said, "Light green or dark green?" Trust me, I don't know either
Stefi Andrade
Stefi Andrade Vor 5 Monate
The last text I sent was "lov u" to my best friend
Mary Gordon
Mary Gordon Vor 5 Monate
"Babybell, wait a minute, that's not the name that's cheese" OMG😂😂😂
Audrey Masse
Audrey Masse Vor 5 Monate
I texted my mom, “I WANT FOOD”
Ly Ly
Ly Ly Vor 5 Monate
Anybody else have her book and love it!? I love Bethany, but I truly miss her old vids 😢
Ly Ly
Ly Ly Vor 5 Monate
6:25 MEEEEE!!!! 😂😂😂😂
floortjee VK
floortjee VK Vor 5 Monate
My last text was “Thanks, Ronnie will be missed” 😂 (it was about my fish that died)
Lanna Lanna
Lanna Lanna Vor 5 Monate
You look like a character from a hallmark movie in this video
Victoria Cardona
Victoria Cardona Vor 5 Monate
Luv you gn 😙
Estela Flores
Estela Flores Vor 5 Monate
My last text was:Did u mean cowgirl boots???
xoxoAkshi_xoxo Vor 5 Monate
My last text was "Have you find mad!!??"😂
Mackenzie Scott21
Mackenzie Scott21 Vor 5 Monate
My last message was "Did u find out how much hennie likes u from 1-10" lol friend goals
Denise Casaus
Denise Casaus Vor 5 Monate
Last message I sent was goodnight
Malena Hug
Malena Hug Vor 5 Monate
my last text was : hey
Reese Kenten Ridenour
Reese Kenten Ridenour Vor 6 Monate
Last text to mom "hi"
Tran Irene
Tran Irene Vor 6 Monate
Molly Morgan
Molly Morgan Vor 6 Monate
I said " I will be there in 7"
Ariana Williams
Ariana Williams Vor 6 Monate
last message was "I'm uncomfy, why'd you tag me in that?"
Amanda Bowman
Amanda Bowman Vor 6 Monate
The last text I sent was "nothing wrong with that"
meep Vor 6 Monate
where is the dress and romper from
Ana paula farrera
Ana paula farrera Vor 6 Monate
my last text was "don't be mean "
Risa J
Risa J Vor 6 Monate
my last message was to my mom saying moooom
Kyla Macdonald
Kyla Macdonald Vor 6 Monate
You are so so pretty xx
Kyla Macdonald
Kyla Macdonald Vor 6 Monate
I love it mom xxx
Brianna Rae
Brianna Rae Vor 6 Monate
The last text I sent was Eh maybe I’m pretty weird
sarahsmilex Vor 6 Monate
Adriana Hernandez
Adriana Hernandez Vor 6 Monate
💯 % honest the last message I sent was to my sister and I said now
Hunter Zettel
Hunter Zettel Vor 6 Monate
My last text was “goodnight mom. I love you.”
Lexi Roseboom
Lexi Roseboom Vor 6 Monate
I texted "I'm gonna message on snapchat cause they forget😂😂"
Joy Tollen
Joy Tollen Vor 6 Monate
Her last text was great like I can’t stop laughing
Joy Tollen
Joy Tollen Vor 6 Monate
My last text was ( I think the science hw was to study but I am not positive) ya......😋
Sophia Benmhend
Sophia Benmhend Vor 6 Monate
I said "i hate u a lot" but it was in a loving manner, i swear.
itzMirana S
itzMirana S Vor 6 Monate
Gn bro💙
Sian Fahy
Sian Fahy Vor 6 Monate
My last text was “I think I’m gonna rethink it 😅” oh and my favorite clothing store is Brandy Melville ❤️
Klelia Guiracocha
Klelia Guiracocha Vor 6 Monate
The last text I sent “ Well changing subject #awkward ”
Mariah Straight
Mariah Straight Vor 6 Monate
This is my favourite video
natalieC Vor 6 Monate
The last text message I sent was just “2” :-)
Susanna Vor 6 Monate
“Second choice is probably what’s gonna happen”
Bradlee Smith
Bradlee Smith Vor 6 Monate
the last text that i sent was bye
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